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School Culture

Breeze Hill's School Culture Initiative Begins

What does the ideal school look and feel like?  That's a fantastic question and one that has many different answers.  Clearly, schools want to be places of learning and development which allow students to reach their full potential.  This learning and development should occur not only on the intellectual level, but on the social-emotional level as well.  A school driven only by learning outcomes, but without compassion and empathy, does a disservice to students and to the greater community.


During the Spring of 2014, Breeze Hill staff, parents and students engaged in a School Culture Task Force to define the characteristics of the school that we aspire to become.  The task force met four times between March and June.  During that time members of the task force engaged in conversations about current realities and challenges.  The members also read research and were presented with different models of school culture.  Surveys were also administered to parents and students in order to collect data regarding the current school climate and culture. After reviewing the survey data, participating in professional reading, and conducting research the task force came to agreement upon a model of school culture based on the book, How to Create a Culture of Achievement, by Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Ian Pumpian.

The Task Force adopted the 5 Pillars outlined in the book and Breeze Hill Elementary School is implementing them beginning in the 2014-15 school year.  Our School Pillars are: #1 Welcome#2 Do No Harm#3 Choice Words#4 Never Too Late to Learn, and #5 Best School in the Universe.  


Our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere that is, "so welcoming, so inviting, and so comfortable that all who enter our school believe they are about to have an amazing experience." (How to Create a Culture of Achievement: Fisher, Frey, Pumpian. Pg. 19).


Each year we continue to develop positive behavior systems while utilizing Restorative Practices. We are very aware that we will not arrive at our destination of being the Best School in the Universe over night, but we are committed to growth over time.  So, as we continue to practice our Pillars each year, feel free to provide us feedback.  If we are doing a great job, let us know...if we aren't let us know too, so that we can continue to improve.


Thank you and we invite you to join us in making an amazing positive school culture here at Breeze Hill Elementary!