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School Culture

Breeze Hill School Pillars

Breeze Hill's 5 Pillars

Breeze Hill's School Culture Initiative Begins

What does the ideal school look and feel like? That's a fantastic question and one that has many different answers. Clearly, schools want to be places of learning and development which allow ...more

Choice Words

Choice Words


Why is Choice Words one of our pillars?  Simply stated, "language creates realities and invites identities". The words we use have a dramatic impact on how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us, and how others perceive themselves. Are the words we use, words that encourage, support, instill hope and a belief in potential?  Or, do the words we use cause others to feel that they are not good enough, do not possess the capacity to succeed and ultimately limit their possibilities?  What words do you use to describe yourself and your potential?

Here's a thought to keep in mind this month: "Choose your words wisely--they matter!"

During school culture assemblies, students and staff viewed videos which demonstrated the power of words and ways to bring support, happiness and hope to one another.  Take a few moments to view the videos yourself to gain a sense of what we are aspiring to develop through the careful use of words.

Choice Words Video Roulette.jpg

Do No Harm

 Do No Harm

There are three components to Pillar 2, Do No Harm, that all students and staff will focus on all year, they are:


Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Others

Take Care of This Place

During school culture assemblies, students and staff viewed this video which shows people taking care of others.   Take a few moments to view the video yourself to gain a sense of what we are aspiring to become as a school and community. Learn more about Breeze Hill's School Culture Initiative.


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