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21st Century Learning

What's Next For Our Students?

As education makes the shift into the Common Core Standards, we must all be thinking about how students are being prepared for life in the 21st Century.  There is a great deal of discussion regarding what skills and competencies students must have to be successful in their future.  The consensus is that students must be proficient in the 4CsCritical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation.

Teachers at Breeze Hill are engaged in on-going discussion and collaboration about how we will merge the 3Rs and the 4Cs.  This is an exciting time in education, and in VUSD, and we look forward to sharing information with our school community gleaned from the latest research, best practices in the field, and our very own sucess stories!

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed a framework for the integration of the 3Rs and the 4Cs!