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Pillar of the Month

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I am so excited to be announcing our new Pillar of the Month Message in our Breezeway Newsletter!  In each newsletter, we will describe one of our 5 Pillars: Welcome, Do No Harm, Choice Words, Never Too Late to Learn, and Best School in the Universe.  


Pillar of the Month Message-December (Choice Words)


Since communication is a so important to building our school culture, we must be conscious of the words we choose. The authors of our pillars, tell us, that language helps build our identities and our identities in turn are reflected in the language that we use.  We believe, here at Breeze Hill, that when the language students hear will help them tell a story about themselves, one of possibility and potential, students will then perform in ways that are consistent with that belief.


This is why the pillar of using Choice Words, is one that emanates from our school because of what we know and believe about students and their learning.  This pillar also lends itself to our belief in a growth mindset.  


In addition, we have worked so hard here at Breeze Hill, and will continue to do so, in establishing routines for communication and conversations with each other. We provide many opportunities each day for our students to experience the power of language and the words they choose to shape their learning and the learning of others.  


We are excited to share that the pillar of Use Choice Words and choosing our words wisely in all our communication and conversations, has helped us shape our identity, develop a growth mindset and maintain a culture of school achievement.

choice words


Pillar of the Month Message-October (Do No Harm)


Our Pillar of the Month is Do No Harm.  Breeze Hill is a Do No Harm school and that means we are creating a culture that restores trust and teaches effective behavior and choice.  In creating this culture, it requires a schoolwide commitment and ongoing professional and student development.  We also are creating a culture where taking care of ourselves, others and this school is how we measure our actions and reactions.  


Our pillar of Do No Harm is where we are implementing our restorative practices.  Restorative practices require us to build relationships with our entire community and in doing that we are building trust with each other.  The tone of a Do No Harm school is one that is positive.  We all, adults and children, learn to “separate the deed from the doer”.  If there is harm done, we not only apologize for the harm, but our goal becomes in restoring and repairing that relationship.  In doing this, all members (adults and children) begin to monitor their own behavior and make better choices about how they act and want to act.  Our hope is that we all foster a type of self-regulation in order to function safely at school each day.  


do no harm

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